Mike and Ginger Goss

Mike and Ginger Goss

My name is Mike Goss, the founder of this emerging idea known as, “41 Cent Leadership.” And this is my wife, Ginger, the most articulate, beautiful, and amazing woman I have ever known. We both look forward to building relationship with you!

Here’s the background for “41 Cents Leadership.” Zig Ziglar once shared the idea of placing 5 coins in your pocket and each time you genuinely appreciate someone, transfer one coin to the other pocket. Make it your goal to transfer all 5 coins each day. Well, upon hearing that idea, I began carrying 5 quarters with me everyday to work. However, while leaving work one day, I spent those 5 quarters on a Coke Zero.

The next day, I went to the change drawer to reload my quarters – I was aghast! I had only one quarter in the change drawer (everyone’s got one). So, I did the next best thing … I took a quarter, dime, nickel, and penny with me. That’s where it all started as I began to consider the uniqueness of each coin individually and how they fit together as “41 Cents.”

I hope the ideas, strategies, and dialogue contained here create positive momentum in your life and leadership!

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