I’m Still Living on 41 Cents!

Greetings blog readers. It’s been a minute since contributing to this blog, but I’m back. I have established a new commitment to writing – hopefully it will be mutually beneficial. Of benefit to you – maybe I can provide just an added perspective for you to consider as you navigate leadership in your organization. Of benefit to me – you graciously allow me space to sort out all of these ideas in my head! Thank you.

Back to 41 Cents

Look at one of those coins. Officially they were minted in some location and bear that marking forever. As I understand it, coins are minted in four locations across the United States – West Point Mint in New York (bearing a “W”), Philadelphia (“P”), Denver (“D”), and San Francisco (“S”). What marking does that coin in your hand bare? Indeed, that origination point has set the trajectory for that individual coin. However, we are a very mobile society and therefore coinage travels with us. While that coin had a singular origination point, it’s journey is likely as varied as any that can be imagined. It is estimated that money changes hands on average 80 times per year depending upon its denomination. If you consider a lifespan of 5 years, that’s 400 exchanges for that coin. Think about that – each coin has this very specific and unique journey exchanging hands for such varied purposes – some very honorable, some not so much, some as investments and others as wasteful spending, yet some exchanges bringing great joy and others not mattering much at all.

That is such a powerful observation to apply to us as unique people. We all have our origination point which sets our trajectory to some degree. However, we are shaped so much more by the varied experiences of our journey. Our journeys are so unique! Everyone of us has this characteristic. Sure we may be labeled as just another “dime.” But nothing could be further from the truth! Sure I share some common characteristic with other “dimes,” but my experience is just that – mine. So the next time I look at someone, may I be so much more conscientious to not just see them as another coin just like all the others. I’m going to appreciate their individual expression!

About Michael Goss

My life mission is to create positive momentum in people's lives. I have found that maximum momentum is created in my life when my priorities are aligned - God, Ginger (my wife), Family, Health, then Work.

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