Monthly Archives: January 2014

“Grow For It” and Other Seasons of Life and Leadership

There are different seasons in life and leadership.  It follows then that there are different seasons when it comes to pursuing our goals and dreams as well.  I’ve been meditating on this concept for a few days and have come up with some thoughts, but I wanted to open it up to hear from you.  What are some of your thoughts on these different seasons?  Are some easier than others for you?

Go For It – A season when it is time to run – resources of people, processes, and timing are in place to accomplish the objective

Slow For It – A season to wait – one or more of your resources are not in place but they are poised to develop shortly.

Grow For It – A season to build – one or more of your resources are not in place nor are poised to become so.  It is a time to develop!

Pro For It – A season to build consensus and “buy-in” by proposing the concept before developing the team, model, and processes for the objective.

No For It – For whatever set of reasons, it is time to stop preparations or conclude efforts in that direction.