What About the Penny?

Take the quarter, dime, nickel, and penny and add them up.  Obviously, the equal 41 cents.  In order to make a purchase for 41 cents, all coins are essential.  In fact, you can be missing any one of them and the transaction cannot be completed.  Even the “measly” penny, only 1 cent of the transaction, is essential to the whole.  The penny only represents 2.4% of the value of the whole and yet it is vitally important!  Do we see each person on our team through the proper lens?

In my retail world, the “penny” individuals are collecting carts off the parking lot, clearing the receiving area of cardboard boxes from freight flow and trash to go down the compactor.  They are busy pushing cleaning machines around the store to ensure that the floor is fit for our customers.  They are wet-behind-the-ears associates just starting a journey with us by down-stocking, fronting, and facing merchandise for our customers.

4 Reasons why “Pennys” are Important

1.  They are people.  This may seam silly to list; however, it is important for us to remember we are in the people business.  I don’t care if you sell services or merchandise.  It makes no difference if you’re in warehousing, manufacturing, sales, or fill-in-the-blank.  We are in a people business.  Success heightens or plummets directly by the skill we have in leading and interacting with people.

2.  Often, they complete tasks that have front line impact on our customers.  How do you conduct effective business if basic essentials like cleanliness, orderliness, and presentation are not top notch?

3.  They are the next game-changers.  Within that group of rookies are more basic function employees are future managers, VP, and CEO’s.  Our job is to find that talent and create an environment for people to develop!

4.  They have as much right to a great work environment as the next person on the team.  Everyone, no matter their ranking, desires a place where they feel like they’re part of something bigger, where they’re contributing something to the cause.  Let’s be the leaders that recognize that and intentionally create that type of environment.

About Michael Goss

My life mission is to create positive momentum in people's lives. I have found that maximum momentum is created in my life when my priorities are aligned - God, Ginger (my wife), Family, Health, then Work.

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