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Perspective Perspiration

Perspective Perspiration

Experience Life Outside the Rut


I was reading a book written by a pastor in response to Robert Kiyosaki’s well-known work, “Rich Dad; Poor Dad.” In his book, this pastor, Dr. C. Thomas Anderson, keys in on the principle that successful people see the world differently – they see opportunities all around them all the time, research those, and take the calculated risk. He sites an experiment where the subjects were shown playing cards at a very fast rate and had to identify the number and type of card (4 of hearts, 9 of clubs, etc.) The success rate was very high. In the next phase of the study, however, the subjects were shown playing cards at that same rate – this time the color did not match normal playing cards (i.e. they were shown a 4 with a black heart, 9 with red clubs, etc.) As you might expect, the accuracy significantly dropped. Why? According to the researchers, “the brain adjusted the new experience to fit a known experience.”

“The brain adjusted the new experience to fit a known experience.”

Is this part of what is happening when we feel like we are in a rut?

We do have new experiences all the time throughout our day; but we slip into almost an auto-mode where our brain simply adjusts those new experiences to be perceived as known experiences.

This is simply food for thought over the next couple of days. Let’s start a conversation if you are open to it. Do you agree? Disagree? Have a little different take on this thought?

A little more about Michael L Goss

I am in search of a new venture in career. I certainly have some strengths to bring to the right quest and team. Please follow the link provided:

I would be thrilled to connect further regarding any openings for which you are conducting a search. Thank you.

4 Levels of Leadership

2012-11-22_14-52-56_75Inactive, Reactive, Proactive, and Impactive

Inactive – You don’t do what you should have done
Reactive – You do what you should have already done
Proactive – You do what will have needed to be done
Impactive – You raise up others to do what will have needed to be done

What are your thoughts?

“Grow For It” and Other Seasons of Life and Leadership

There are different seasons in life and leadership.  It follows then that there are different seasons when it comes to pursuing our goals and dreams as well.  I’ve been meditating on this concept for a few days and have come up with some thoughts, but I wanted to open it up to hear from you.  What are some of your thoughts on these different seasons?  Are some easier than others for you?

Go For It – A season when it is time to run – resources of people, processes, and timing are in place to accomplish the objective

Slow For It – A season to wait – one or more of your resources are not in place but they are poised to develop shortly.

Grow For It – A season to build – one or more of your resources are not in place nor are poised to become so.  It is a time to develop!

Pro For It – A season to build consensus and “buy-in” by proposing the concept before developing the team, model, and processes for the objective.

No For It – For whatever set of reasons, it is time to stop preparations or conclude efforts in that direction.






What About the Penny?

Take the quarter, dime, nickel, and penny and add them up.  Obviously, the equal 41 cents.  In order to make a purchase for 41 cents, all coins are essential.  In fact, you can be missing any one of them and the transaction cannot be completed.  Even the “measly” penny, only 1 cent of the transaction, is essential to the whole.  The penny only represents 2.4% of the value of the whole and yet it is vitally important!  Do we see each person on our team through the proper lens?

In my retail world, the “penny” individuals are collecting carts off the parking lot, clearing the receiving area of cardboard boxes from freight flow and trash to go down the compactor.  They are busy pushing cleaning machines around the store to ensure that the floor is fit for our customers.  They are wet-behind-the-ears associates just starting a journey with us by down-stocking, fronting, and facing merchandise for our customers.

4 Reasons why “Pennys” are Important

1.  They are people.  This may seam silly to list; however, it is important for us to remember we are in the people business.  I don’t care if you sell services or merchandise.  It makes no difference if you’re in warehousing, manufacturing, sales, or fill-in-the-blank.  We are in a people business.  Success heightens or plummets directly by the skill we have in leading and interacting with people.

2.  Often, they complete tasks that have front line impact on our customers.  How do you conduct effective business if basic essentials like cleanliness, orderliness, and presentation are not top notch?

3.  They are the next game-changers.  Within that group of rookies are more basic function employees are future managers, VP, and CEO’s.  Our job is to find that talent and create an environment for people to develop!

4.  They have as much right to a great work environment as the next person on the team.  Everyone, no matter their ranking, desires a place where they feel like they’re part of something bigger, where they’re contributing something to the cause.  Let’s be the leaders that recognize that and intentionally create that type of environment.

What is a 41 Cent Leader?

41 cents 3According to Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman, in their book, First, Break All the Rules, the best managers on the planet do not expect that people will change all that much. They subscribe to the “what you see is what you get” mantra. They intentionally get to know each person on their team and their individual talents and figure out how to leverage that talent to realize the goals of the whole team.

In John Maxwell’s Winning with People, he discusses the elevator principle. He describes that each of us has the ability to lift people up or take them down – just like an elevator!

And yet again, in The 24 Carrot Manager, Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton unpack this idea that great teams are a product, at least in part, of an environment where there is intentional praise and appreciation for team and individual contribution to successes. People need to be recognized for their efforts!

I could provide example after example from leadership booksyou and I have read and experiences you and I have lived out. Our teams are in dire need of leaders who will make a difference…servant leaders who will change a culture in their organizations.

I don’t believe we have to keep searching for the a missing key or the next 6 principles that successful people use to make a difference. I believe it’s already in us. We have been given a sense of truth north in our spirit. It is simply a matter of committing to consistent intentional people development as the means to accomplishing the goals and directives our teams are to accomplish.

That’s why I have developed this simple tool. We need reminders as leaders! Take the quarter, dime, nickel, and penny and place them in your pocket. Aim to genuinely express appreciation to individuals. Aim to appreciate their individual expression. Each time you do, simply transfer a coin to the other pocket. Make it your goal each day to transfer all four coins. As I have utilized this technique over the past 6 months, I can genuinely tell you that it has helped me take the time needed to connect with my team in my leadership role! I believe it will help you as well!

So … who’s with me out there? Who acknowledges that praise and encouragement is lacking a little in their leadership toolbox? Simply reply back to this post. I would love to hear some stories of how this simple tool is helping you!

Influencer – Part 2

The realization hit me … I am not very deep! I have somehow thought for a long time that I will have to have tons of depth to make the difference in the world that I born to make. So, therefore, real influence is quite a ways off. But, I need to be real. Yes, I will continue on my quest to grow my depth, but the perspective needs to be tweeked just a little.

With ideas, I love to think up the idea, incubate the idea, connect it with other ideas, devise the strategy for the idea, then hand it off to someone else.

In my friendships, I love to have meaningful relationships with a lot of people in a lot of countries doing a lot of different things and coming from a lot of different perspectives. Some of those relationships are deeper while others are more surface – but all are meaningful to me. In fact, I love to meet people then connect them with other people or organizations with whom they share commonalities.

In my work, I love to become part of an organization, observe the strengths and weaknesses in that organization, identify the opportunities, devise processes to seize those opportunities, develop people to develop people within that organization, then move on or at least move into different areas.

As for habitat, I have lived in 22 different houses, 3 apartments, and a 5th wheel trailer travelling around a fair piece of the U.S. I have lived in 10 states and have traveled somewhat extensively around the world – with more of that to come!

In regard to knowledge, I love to master the skeleton ideas of a discipline to be able to speak with some semblance of intelligence … and be able to do that across a diversity of subjects. But if the conversation moves on to deeper matters within a subject, I’m not bringing much more to the table save maybe some humor here or there.

I could go on and on but I will spare you the details. The fact of the matter is … I discovered something about myself tonight that will forever change my perspective. It’s how I’m wired! And I’m more than OK with that. God has wired me to be an influencer. I can now strategize a little more specifically what that is to look like.

You’ll see what I’m talking about it … I’ll keep you posted – quite literally!

In the meantime, please tell me … how are you wired? What have you discovered about yourself that has shifted the trajectory of your life? I would love to hear your story.

Influencer – Part 1

I was born to be an influencer of people! And I believe you are too! We may all be wired up a little differently, but deep within each of us something is placed that must be mined out, developed, and unleashed in our world!

Many of you, like me, may be on a quest to realize that incredible potential within! We somehow sense a deep responsibility to develop and execute some master plan for our lives.

Well, my journey became just one click clearer tonight – not totally clear mind you, just one click …

This moment of clarity came as I had the opportunity to hear Dr. Peter Daniels speak on Life Goals just two hours ago. Parts of his presentation will change the course of my life. For those of you that are not familiar with Mr. Daniels, just do a google search … go ahead, do it now then come right back!

OK. You’re back! Thanks. It’s an incredible journey this Australian fellow has walked! Throughout his lecture you could sense his strong commitment to God and family. That indeed is the backbone from which all these life and leadership principles, like tendons and muscles in the body, connect and align as a structure for successful living. Among many incredible accomplishments, he is a billionaire. A billionaire … that’s 1 with nine 0’s following. It’s 1000 millions. I think you will agree that anyone who has built a net-worth of a billion is worth getting near and listening up to what they have to say.

Sure there were 16 keys to success shared, and 7 steps to goal setting, and the like. He quoted tons of great historical figures and spoke with great eloquence about men and women of greatness who changed our world. Those were great thoughts and will indeed lend themselves quite useful to meditate upon. But he encouraged the audience of which I was a part to “turn back on the dream machine!” And so I did. Then it suddenly hit me …